Roman road to Plomb du Cantal

Nestled at an altitude of 1,050 metres, Albepierre-Bredons is a small mountain village through which the Via Celtica runs. It joins the Prat-de-Bouc mountain pass and the slopes of the Plomb du Cantal via the Tombe du Père mountain pass. This ancient route was used until the end of the 18th century to reach the Cère valley.


The grandeur and power of a Romanesque priory

In 1074, a priory was established on this small piece of land, on the ruins of an ancient church. With its austere, squat appearance and defence system, the priory church was able to survive the French Revolution. The church’s jewels include the altarpiece of the high altar, one of the largest in the Haute Auvergne region, and an 11th-century Fatimid lion and reliquary, both of which are kept in the Musée de la Haute Auvergne museum in Saint-Flour.

The church is currently undergoing a major restoration programme, which temporarily prevents access to the building.

Bredons and its monumental altarpiece

A land of traditions

Rural and religious

This village lives up to its name, and wherever you look you’ll see.... stone. It can be found on the houses and farms, as well as on the crosses, oratories and fountains! Many buildings still have ridge crosses, which are supposed to attract divine protection for their occupants. In the forest, some people also notice the presence of fleur-de-lys markers, which indicate that they belong to the royal domain!  

Roadside cross at Albepierre

A mountain village

Where nature and mankind live side by side

In the heart of the village, you will find a number of starting points for walks leaving the village for a trip back to the midst of nature. Listen carefully and you will surely hear the gentle murmur of water or the whisper of wind through the trees. The commune’s rivers, waterfalls and forests are omnipresent, transporting you out of time! You can also hear the birds singing in the Cirque de Chamalières. Keep your eyes peeled and your binoculars ready if you don’t want to miss the mouflon sheep in the early hours of the morning.

Waterfalls hiking trail


Activities for all 4 seasons

The Prat de Bouc Nordic ski area (and Alpine gateway to Le Lioran resort) offers a wide range of snow activities: ski touring, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, igloo area, fat bike, etc. In summer, another facet of the domain is revealed with hiking trails (GR400, GR465 and GR 4) or mountain biking (a variant of the GTMC route), rock climbing, etc. Whatever the season, this site remains one of our favourite spots to reach the highest point in the department, the Plomb du Cantal!


Prat-de-Bouc in winter

Fragile environments that need to be preserved

What you may not know about Prat-de-Bouc is that it is part of a major migratory corridor. The LPO bird protection organisation regularly organises counting and birdwatching sessions there. Hikers strolling around the Plomb du Cantal marvel at the abundance of butterflies in the area, one of which is specifically protected due to its rarity: the Alcon Blue butterfly.

Prat de Bouc

Prat de Bouc