Luge à Prat de Bouc

The Nordic area
Prat de Bouc Haute-Planèze

“Nordic & Nature” Eldorado

The ski area stretches out on either side of the Plomb du Cantal, with four gateways: the Col de Prat de Bouc, Le Ché, Cezens and Le Lioran resort. Signposted, safe, conventional or skating trails take you through vast fir forests, high basalt plateaus and glacial cirques inhabited by marmots and mouflon sheep. An effort that is amply rewarded by magnificent snow-covered landscapes!

Prat de Bouc, a vast, open-air Nordic ski area

Described as a Nordic & Natural Eldorado

The Prat de Bouc ski area is a prime location for Nordic activities and offers the promise of unspoilt landscapes at the foot of the Plomb du Cantal, the highest point in the department.
From plateaux to forest glades to glacial cirques, the site offers a wide range of Nordic activities to suit all tastes, from contemplative to sporty, all close to nature.
Four sites, four different atmospheres, to discover at Prat de Bouc, Le Lioran resort, Le Ché and Cezens.

Le Col de Prat de Bouc

Col de Prat de Bouc mountain pass

Activities and events 

On your own

Cross-country skiing, Nordic ski touring and downhill skiing, snowshoeing and tobogganing.

With a guide

Skiing (all types), biathlon, Nordic ski touring, snowshoeing. Consult the diary of Nordic outings on the Cantal volcano!


Biathlon at the Col de Prat de Bouc mountain pass

The “Featured” activity: Nordic Académie

Future champions? These coaching activities are an opportunity for youngsters to discover Nordic skiing and biathlon! Supervised by a professional, these activities attract a great deal of interest and give children of all ages a taste of the Nordic pleasures

Nordic activity

Activité nordique


The Prat de Bouc Nordic ski area has a range of price packages to choose from. The main prices for the 2023-2024 season are given below as a guide.

Cross-country skiing*

  • Per day adult: 9.50€ - Youngster: 6€ - Junior: €4
  • 2 consecutive days: 17.70€ - Junior: €7
  • 3 consecutive days 25.70€ - Junior: €10
  • Week 5 consecutive days adult: 42.50€ - Youngster: 26.50€ - Junior: €15

*Youngster: 16-25 years’ old - Junior: 5-15 years’ old.


  • Seance: ages 16 and upwards: €3- 5-15 years’ old: €1.70
  • Week: ages 16 and upwards: €15 - 5-15 years’ old: €8.30


Shuttle service (winter only)

Shuttles cost €1.50 from Le Lioran station for easy access to the Col de Prat de Bouc mountain pass. The shuttle will make intermediate stops at Laveissière, Murat and Albepierre. In operation during all four weeks of the February 2024 holidays.

Shuttle Le Lioran > Laveissière > Murat > Albepierre > Prat de Bouc

Condition of the slopes


Le plan des pistes - Col de Prat de Bouc

Map of the slopes - Col de Prat de Bouc mountain pass

Navettes Prat de Bouc

Shuttles to Prat de Bouc