Top 10 most beautiful hiking trails
Marvel at the mountains, high plateaux and valleys

The Cantal Volcano : a source of wonder wherever you look

Panoramic views, discoveries of flora and fauna, immersive views of the summits, wild and cultural escapades, the Hautes Terres du Cantal are the promise of exciting discoveries along the well-marked and regularly maintained footpaths.
Here are our top 10, our favourites among the most beautiful walks, the must-sees during your stay.


Les Fours de Peyre Arse,
ascent of the Cantal Volcano

  • 19.5 km
  • 05 hours 30 minutes
  • Green PR trail - Sportive walk

On the ridges of Europe’s largest volcano, the panorama opens out onto Peyre Arse, Puy Mary and the centre of the stratovolcano, Puy Griou. A hike along a 200-year-old path, through pastures, moors, ridges, mountain passes, a glacial valley and the unmissable Brèche de Roland.

PR Trail - Fours de Peyre Arse

Les fours de Peyre Arse

Les fours de Peyre Arse


La Tour de Mardogne,
in the Age of the Lords

  • 3.7 km
  • 01 hour 30 minutes
  • Blue PR trail - Family walk

Take a leap back in time beside the tower of the ancient Château de Mardogne, built in the 12th and 13th centuries. Enjoy the superb view over the plain of Neussargues-en-Pinatelle and the Cantal Volcano.

PR Trail - Tour de Mardogne

Tour de Mardogne - Joursac

Tour de Mardogne - Joursac


Le Mont Journal,
the evangelisation era in Haute-Auvergne

  • 12.5 km
  • 04 hours
  • Green PR trail - Sportive walk

Following in the footsteps of a Saint, climb up to the church of Saint-Mary-le-Cros, then the Chaire de Saint-Mary rock to soothe your back, before setting off to climb Mont Journal with its 360° panorama.

PR Trail - Mont Journal

Le Mont Journal

Mont Journal - Ferrières-Saint-Mary


La montagne de Courbières,
a wild escapade in Cézallier

  • 15.5 km
  • 05 hours 30 minutes
  • Green PR trail - Sportive walk

In the mood for wide-open spaces in a peaceful setting? The Courbières mountain range offers vast summer pastures where authenticity and serenity come together. Buron huts, cows and gentian flowers are all part of the landscape of the Cézallier Cantalien, where evasion rhymes with rejuvenation.

PR Trail - Montagne de Courbières

Montagne de Courbières

Montagne de Courbières


The Alagnon gorges,
for a refreshing break

Laveissière (Fraisse-Haut)
  • 2.6 km
  • 01 hour 30 minutes
  • Family walk

An ideal family walk in the hot weather! A stroll along the banks of the River Alagnon, surrounded by century-old trees. Wooden footbridges, sculptures and picnic tables are all part of the setting, in the freshness of the gorges

PR Trail - Gorges de l'Alagnon

Sentier des Gorges de l'Alagnon

Alagnon Gorges Trail


La Bonnevie de Saint-Antoine,
the perfect family walk

  • 8 km
  • 02 hours 45 minutes
  • Blue PR trail - Family walk

From Murat town centre, classified as a “Petite Cité de Caractère” (little town full of character), this walk takes you to two basalt necks: the Chastel-sur-Murat rock and its chapel of Saint-Antoine and the Bonnevie rock and its Virgin Notre-Dame de la Haute-Auvergne. Enjoy 360° views of the Cantal Volcano and the Murat stone-roofed houses!

PR Trail - Bonnevie de Saint-Antoine

Rocher de Bonnevie - Murat

Rocher de Bonnevie - Murat


Chapelle Sainte-Madeleine,
and the legend of the hermits

  • 10.5 km
  • 03 hours 15 minutes
  • Yellow PR trail - For keen walkers

Venture deep into the forests bordering Massiac to reach the basalt rock spurs of Sainte-Madeleine and its Romanesque chapel perched above the Alagnon valley. Overlooking the town of Massiac, the A75 stopover village and the Alagnon valley.

PR Trail - Chapelle Sainte-Madeleine

Chapelle Sainte-Madeleine - Massiac

Chapel of Sainte-Madeleine - Massiac


The Alagnonnette Valley,
a haven of peace

  • 11 km
  • 03 hours 10 minutes
  • Yellow PR trail - For keen walkers

Wander along a few kilometres of countryside and wild valleys on this undulating circuit. You’ll be enchanted by the flower-filled meadows, forests, the old bridge and the Romanesque church of Saint-Poncy that are all part of this route at the gateway to La Margeride.

PR Trail - Vallée de l'Alagnonnette

Vallée de l'Alagnonnette - Saint-Poncy

Alagnonnette Valley- Saint-Poncy


Le Jolan and La Gazelle peat bogs,
a Regional Nature Reserve

  • 5.5 km
  • 01 hour 30 minutes
  • Yellow PR trail - Family walk

This site, classified as a Espace Naturel Sensible (Sensitive Natural Area) in Cantal and a Réserve Naturelle Régionale (Regional Nature Reserve), boasts exceptional biodiversity. This is one of the most remarkable peat bogs in Auvergne, to be discovered along a thematic trail.

PR - Toubières du Jolan et de la Gazelle

Tourbières du Jolan et de la Gazelle

Le Jolan and La Gazelle peat bogs


Le Plomb du Cantal,
the highest point in Cantal

Col de Prat de Bouc mountain pass
  • 8 km
  • 03 hours 30 minutes
  • Yellow PR trail - For keen walkers

Not to be missed! Head for the highest peak of the Cantal Volcano, at an altitude of 1855 m. There is an orientation table so you can put a name to the neighbouring peaks and appreciate the sheer scale of the landscapes around you. Alternatively, you can access it from Le Lioran Resort via the Buron Trail (12 km) or the cable car (open from the 18th June to the 11th September 2022).

PR - Plomb du Cantal

Le Plomb du Cantal

Plomb du Cantal

Safety and best practices

For your safety, please check the weather forecast before setting off.

To preserve the environment in which you are situated, please do not leave your litter in the middle of nature.

Make sure you take the right equipment for the weather conditions and the hiking route (hiking boots, water bottle, hat, sunglasses, jacket, etc.)