Our lakes and rivers, both calm and turbulent, are a vast playground for anglers. The pure waters flowing down the slopes of the volcano are teeming with fish : trout, grayling, gudgeon, etc. The river Alagnon is classified as one of the most beautiful waterways in Europe, and has witnessed the return of salmon in recent years. 

Outstanding fishing spots

Cantal’s volcanic history has given rise to some exceptional landscapes, offering anglers a wide variety of waterways and places to fish, including crater lakes, rivers, lakes, streams and waterfalls, etc. The abundance of fishing resources is now a tourist attraction for both novice and experienced anglers!

Category 1 fishing

  • Rivers AlagnonAllanche, Bénet, Lagnon, Santoire, Sianne.
  • No Kill course on the Alagnon (Le Paschou) and on the Allanche, from the La Peyro bridge (RD 39) 
  • Selective course on the Alagnon river.
  • Certified fishing course in Massiac, at the campsite. Information boards in place.
Pêche sur la Sianne

Fishing on the Sianne

Fishing on natural sites

  • the Lac de Sauvages in Dienne. 12-hectare private lake. Canoeing possible. Ideal for families.
  • the Lac du Pêcher, in Chavagnac: trout fishing on 20 hectares. No canoeing.
  • nearby dammed lakes, at Garabit (particularly for carnivorous fish)
Lac Sauvage

Lac Sauvage

Fishing made easy

Fancy a family day out fishing?

Children can try their hand at fishing at specially adapted sites, such as: 

  • the Lac Sauvage fishing reservoir in Dienne.
    Open from mid-June to mid-September. 
  • the lake at Laveissière, open all year round, with a special fishing pass. Wednesdays are reserved for children under the age of 18.

In summer, nature fishing workshops are offered by the Fédération Départementale de Pêche. They give you the chance to try your hand at using a fishing rod or basket! On the agenda: trout and crayfish… take your pick!


Plan d'eau de Laveissière

Laveissière lake

Fishing in Cantal

A journey into the very depths of the Monts du Cantal, from mountain streams to rivers and lakes. Try your hand at fishing in this exceptionally abundant playground! Film produced by the © Fédération de Pêche du Cantal.