Palhàs de Molompize

Vin des Palhàs wine,
A unique taste 100% Cantal

This wine cultivated on terraces is a local tradition, as evidenced by the Occitan name Palhàs. This nectar is produced in the north-east of the Cantal region, in the communes of Molompize and Massiac. Do you fancy a trip to the Palhàs vineyards?

Vineyards in Cantal?!

A river and a propitious microclimate

Contrary to popular belief, vines are very much in their element in Cantal, in the Pays d’Alagnon, with 250 hectares cultivated in the 19th century! The village of Molompize, at an altitude of 500 metres, enjoys a microclimate that is ideal for growing vines.  

The Palhàs site, classified as a Espace Naturel Sensible (Sensitive Natural Area) in Cantal, can be reached on foot. A theme-based interpretation trail explains how these dry stone walls work and the labour involved in this kind of cultivation.

Palhàs de Molompize

Palhàs de Molompize

Wines and grape varieties...

... In the shadow of the volcanoes

Local grape varieties are blended with more well-known varieties (Chardonnay, Gamay, Pinot Noir) to produce exceptional red and white wines.

Our volcanic soil is apparent in the aromas and tannins of these small productions, which have found their place on the finest tables.

To be enjoyed in moderation, with a piece of Cantal cheese or a Macaron (from Massiac, of course!)

Visit to the cellar

Passionate winegrowers 

A particularly challenging profession

Hillside vineyards are always a source of surprise: how much energy does it take to grow these grapes?! The three winegrowers currently in business will tell you that it is first and foremost a passion! Their names are Stéphan, Gilles and Chloé... You might even bump into them on your stroll around the Palhàs de Molompize or Massiac!

Visit to the vineyards

Is your curiosity aroused? Come and visit!

Hautes Terres Tourisme offers guided tours of the Palhàs de Molompize site, and from time to time, you can meet the winegrowers: please do not hesitate to contact us for these special opportunities to discover the local natural and culinary heritage!