The Pinatelle Massif,
a playground for nature lovers

Situated on the Chalinargues planèze (basaltic plateaux), between the Monts du Cantal and Le Cézallier, the Pinatelle Massif is the perfect playground for nature lovers. Here, you can enjoy a wide range of activitieshiking, mountain biking, horse-riding, cani-rando (hiking pulled by a dog), opportunities to reconnect with nature through yoga or sylvotherapy.

A haven of peace and tranquillity

Inhabited and unspoilt

The Pinatelle Massif, located on the Chalinargues planèze, a vast basalt plateau, is actually a pine forest. This mysterious, calming and sheltered forest is an ideal place to play and relax

This massif is home to a wide variety of wildlife, with roe deer, stags and does living side by side. As you stroll along, keep very quiet and keep your eyes peeled! 

This massif is bursting with a wealth of flora and fauna, pastures and wetlands. One of these treasures is the lac du pêcher fishing lake, where you can spot a host of species, including yellow Gentian, Bog-rosemary, Cranberry, Martagon lily, Heart-leaved twayblade and Helleborine.

A wildlife observatory has been set up near the Lac du Pêcher, where you can spend hours hidden away just watching nature at work, listening to it, contemplating it and then simply relaxing.

Lac du Pêcher et Massif de la Pinatelle

Lac du Pêcher fishing lake and Pinatelle massif

A host of activities to soak up the forest

The massif is criss-crossed by a multitude of hiking trails. Relatively easy trails, as they are on a plateau, so there are no steep gradients to contend with. You can visit it as a family on foot or by mountain bike.



Itinéraire principal GTMC

Main Grande Traversée du Massif Central (GTMC) mountain bike route - Pinatelle Massif

Other nature activities

Horse riding from the Pôle Equestre de la Pinatelle or Skijoring in winter

Dog-sleigh rides in winter, cani-kart (cart pulled by dogs) in summer and cani-rando (hiking pulled by a dog)

Fishing trips to Lac du Pêcher, with a deck for anglers with reduced mobility, where you can even find out more about the species found in the lake

Sylvotherapy, the perfect way to reconnect with nature

Yoga sessions in the open air to enjoy the calm and tranquillity of the site

Nature outings escorted by guides

Listening to and observing the bellowing of the stag every autumn


Balade en cani-rando

Cani-rando (hiking pulled by a dog) in the Pinatelle