Fête de l'estive

Fête de l'estive (Summer pasture festival)
The first highlight of the summer season

Allanche - Cézallier

Over the course of a weekend at the end of May, the village of Allanche takes on a festive air as the Salers cows make their transhumance to the summer pastures. A friendly, festive event with a strong sense of identity, rooted in local culture. This event is an integral part of Cantal’s cultural landscape.

Fête de l'estive (Summer pasture festival): on the 25th of May 2024. 
Free movement of herds to the summer pastures: Sunday 26th of May 2024.

The tradition of the summer pastures in Allanche

Salers cows in the spotlight

This nationally renowned festival attracts thousands of participants every year. It celebrates the ascent of the herds of Salers cows to their summer residence: the summer pastures.
This is the opportunity to accompany the herds, dance to the rhythm of Auvergne folklore, taste 100% local produce, discover crafts and, of course, meet up with friends and family.

Fête de l'estive

Blessing of the herds - Summer pasture festival

Summer pasture festival, diary of events

Saturday, a day of festivities

All day Saturday, the Summer pastures festival welcomes visitors from all over France to admire the herds of Salers cows as they wander through the historic town of Allanche. 
A large local country market, accompanied by the musical rhythms of bandas and folk groups, brings the festival to life. 
It’s also an opportunity to watch cheese-making demonstrations and enjoy a host of exhibitions focused on the Cézallier region.
The evening is hosted by a traditional meal, followed by a local dance.


Fête de l'estive

Fête de l'estive (Summer pasture festival)

Sunday, the ascent to the summer pastures

Sunday sees the traditional ascent to the summer pastures. This 22-kilometre walk accompanies farmers and their herds to their summer residence, “la montade”. This accompaniment is free of charge and open to everyone. It is accompanied by a gourmet break in the village of Pradiers in a friendly country atmosphere where the folk group Les Troubadours des Bruyères will whisk the guests away to some very rhythmic dance steps.

Ascent to the summer pastures

Montée aux estives