Fête de la pomme

Fête des Palhàs (Palhàs festival)
Autumn celebrations in Massiac!

A not-to-be-missed event, this period of festivities attracts a growing number of visitors each year from neighbouring departments. The Palhàs event features two highlights: the Occitan gatherings and the traditional apple and fruit fair. What makes it so popular? High-quality cultural events and local produce guaranteed to make you fall head over heels in a crate of apples!

Come and discover the 2024 edition from mid-October (18 > 27 october 2024)
Apple fair: 26th and 27th of October 2024

Massiac, in the Occitan heartland

What is Les Palhàs? 

Palhàs is the Occitan term for terraced farming with dry-stone walls, a characteristic feature of this part of the Alagnon Valley.
These terraces have been home to vines for centuries, together with orchards. This is why the Autour des Palhàs association resurrects this culinary heritage every autumn.


Les Palhàs de Molompize

Les Palhàs de Molompize

Occitan gatherings in the Alagnon region

An action-packed cultural programme

It spans several weeks, and is sure to wake up your autumn!
On the agenda: theatre, workshops, conferences, tours, walks, concerts, exhibitions, and so many other activities to discover and learn all about the region, garden, cook, and meet others, all around the year’s theme.

Rencontres occitanes

Rencontres occitanes (Occitan gatherings) - Alagnon region

The traditional apple and fruit fair 

A festive atmosphere throughout the weekend!

The fair arose out of a desire to promote the Massiac fruit-growing valley.  The fragrances of autumn mingle with the music of the bandas, while the host calls out to you in Occitan
On the agenda? the sound of the wooden press, the colour of the freshly squeezed apple juice, the aroma of cooking apple pâtés or crispy doughnuts, and the mystery of the pachade ... not forgetting the aligot with its sausage cooked in the still! It’s all part and parcel of the traditional apple and fruit fair!

Fête de la pomme

The traditional apple and fruit fair

Come and sample the flavours of the 28th edition!

The Rencontres occitanes will be held from the 18th to the 27th of October 2024, and the apple fair will fill the streets with the scent of apples on the 26th and 27th of October 2024! This year's theme is “All that grows”. Interested in becoming a volunteer?


Apple fair

Fête de la pomme