Fête du cornet de Murat

Murat cornet festival,
the perfect venue for gourmets

Every year, on the third Sunday in September, Murat hosts its gourmet cornet festival. Our bakers work around the clock to supply the cornets for our 15,000 visitors, and our caterers come up with new fillings for each edition, from the most classic to the most daring! If you don’t believe us, try the foie gras mousse cornet!

Come and discover the 2024 edition on Sunday 15th of September.

It all begins with a pastry...

... That has become an icon

The entire event began with a pastry: the cornet.
This dry, soft, horn-shaped biscuit was created by the Murat bakers.
It originated from a tradition once practised by our Cantalien grandmothers, and has been perpetuated ever since, culminating in the creation of this traditional festival in 2004.


The concept of the cornet festival

A festive gourmet stroll

During this event, you will wander through the picturesque streets of the historic town of Murat.
A range of stands await you, offering a variety of fillings to serve with your cornet. Savoury, sweet and combinations to please all tastes!

Fête du cornet de Murat

Fête du Cornet (Cornet festival) in Murat

A whole host of festivities

During this very eventful day, you can also attend a number of shows.
Performing artists will roam the town to entertain you and make this an unforgettable festival. Song, dance, street theatre, culinary competitions, and a chance to meet the Confrérie du Cornets (Cornet brotherhood)... You certainly won’t get bored! 

Fête du Cornet (Cornet festival) in Murat

Fête du cornet de Murat