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Welcome to the Hautes Terres! Our volcanic landscapes are home to exceptional biodiversity! Viewpoints, ridgelines, puys, waterfalls, lakes, peat bogs, forests, plateaux and valleys: take a stroll through our selection from one season to the next, for an uplifting change of scenery on the Cantal volcano.


Prat de Bouc,
a treasure trove of biodiversity

Col de Prat de Bouc mountain pass

The Col de Prat de Bouc mountain pass is a treasure trove of water, volcanic rock, buron huts, mountains and wild flora and fauna. The site is the ideal starting point for a climb up the Plomb du Cantal, the highest peak in the department! At an altitude of 1,396 m, Prat de Bouc is also a major bird migration corridor and is the focus of birdwatching activities organised by the LPO Auvergne bird protection organisation.
In winter, the site is a must for Nordic getaways: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, etc. It is also the gateway to the Lioran downhill skiing area. Find out more about Prat-de-Bouc.

 Something not to be missed?

The secret of sundew at your feet! However, it is forbidden to touch it!

Prat de Bouc

Prat de Bouc


Cirque de Chamalière,
the magnificence of a glacial cirque


Panoramic views that are well worth the effort! Climb up to the ridgeline, cross territories teeming with wildlife, and reach a place of calm and tranquillity! A majestic landscape, with boulders bearing witness to volcanic and glacial activity.
The Cirque de Chamalière hiking trail.

Something not to be missed?
Mouflon sheep and chamois live here, and are almost certainly already keeping an eye on you!

Cirque de Chamalières - Albepierre Bredons

Cirque de Chamalières - Albepierre Bredons


Cascade des Veyrines waterfall,
where fire and water converge


This must-see spot is easily accessible, yet invisible from the road (between Allanche and Pradiers). Just a few steps down, and the waterfall reveals itself. The volcanic rock forms a protective cocoon, and the water flows into a small basin before resuming its journey. A haven of peace and tranquillity for refreshing picnic breaks!

Something not to be missed?
Stepping stones over the stream! 3, 2, 1 ... go!

Cascade des Veyrines

a salmon river and an angler’s paradise

From Lioran to Massiac

The king of fish, the salmon, which once disappeared from this river, is now making its way up to Cantal! Trout are also plentiful, and come to spawn every year. Crayfish and herons are in plain sight, delighting families, while fish are a delight for anglers. Find out more about fishing.

Something not to be missed? 
Setting your rod down in a quiet spot or hauling up your basket will no longer hold any secrets for you after our workshops on nature fishing! 

Pêche sur l'Alagnon

Chaos de Landeyrat boulder field,
the power of volcanic rock


Looking for an original site? Here’s the perfect one for you! A cliff of basalt columns overhangs a natural scree of rocks! This boulder field is home to many different animal and plant species. The site is classified as a Espace Naturel Sensible (Sensitive Natural Area) in Cantal. The Roche de Landeyrat hiking trail.

Something not to be missed?
Red kites and other birds of prey lie in wait for their prey hidden in rocks. Keep your eyes peeled!

Chaos de Landeyrat

Les Palhàs de Molompize,
terraced vineyards


Wine in Cantal?! Visible from the road (N122), the terraces emerge in the midst of the forest! Learn all about these hillsides covered with terraces and vines not so long ago!
* Palhàs: Occitan term for terraced farming with dry-stone walls. Les Palhàs de Molompize trail.

Something not to be missed?
Occitan terms explained on signs along the trail, such as tranchada, acathe and desbigossar!

Palhàs de Molompize

Le Jolan and La Gazelle peat bogs,
a regional nature reserve


A series of wetlands, with peat bogs, a lake, a forest and a viewpoint. Explore the unique Réserve Naturelle Régionale (Regional Nature Reserve) of Cantal! Hiking tour of Lac du Jolan.

Something not to be missed?
Dragonflies, newts, frogs, birds, marsh horsetail, peat moss, etc. all live in this extraordinary ecosystem!

Réserve Naturelle Régionale des toubières du Jolan et de la Gazelle

La Pinatelle forest,
no wi-fi, just a perfect connection with nature


This forest massif, between the vast plateaux of Le Cézallier and the Cantalien Massif, is like a breath of fresh air. There are plenty of walks, cycle rides, horse rides and dog sled rides to choose from. The Lac du Pêcher, an Espace Naturel Sensible (sensitive natural area) in Cantal, lies at the heart of this massif and is an ideal spot for fishing, family walks and birdwatching. Lac du Pêcher trail.

Something not to be missed?
La Roche du Pic, between the villages of La Boissonnière and Chavagnac. A viewpoint with wow effect!

Lac du Pêcher et Massif de la Pinatelle

The village of Celoux,
where you can feel the Margeride winds


The north-east of Cantal is a land full of mills. Water mills in the valley, and windmills perched on the hillside. In Celoux, discover a fully restored windmill. The system, which is made of wood, still works: discover how the grain is transported, how the millstone works and the flour sieve! The village of Celoux.

Something not to be missed?
The wood that creaks, in an effort to resist the wind.

Moulin de Celoux

The Cézallier plateau,
a vast expanse of summer pastures on a volcanic plateau

From Marcenat to Allanche

Imagine a land of wide-open spaces, with endless wild and unspoilt horizons. Le Cézallier is a high plateau with harsh winters, but from spring onwards, the transhumance of the herds brings life and colour back to the high meadows (the estives).
Find out more about Le Cézallier plateau.

Something not to be missed?
A visit to the Cézallier Visitor Centre in Allanche, located at the Tourist Office!


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On a walk or a drive, in any season, these sites will reveal all their secrets to you!
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