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Authentic and generous cuisine

Cantal, a land of wide-open spaces, is also a popular region for lovers of fine dining. Here, flavour and taste are a religion, from starters to desserts, and every day chefs enhance and (re)invent local gastronomy and expertise. Follow us as we whet your appetite!

Treat yourself from starters to dessert

Work up an appetite with the famous pounti

Pounti is similar to a savoury terrine or flan made with chard, pork and prunes. This sweet and savoury starter is usually served lightly fried in slices, accompanied by a green salad. This is an excellent appetizer, and we suggest you savour it with a glass of dry white wine!


Pounti ©La Boudio

Follow this with the legendary truffade

Potatoes & farmhouse tome cheese!

The undisputed star of Cantal! A dish prepared with potatoes and fresh tome cheese, a delight for young and old alike! This hearty dish is often accompanied by a piece of Salers meat or cured meats, and of course, a green salad to ease the conscience!

Hey! Would you like to have the recipe? It’s over here with the Comité interprofessionnel des fromages. Also, on our page devoted to ideas for breaks!


Truffade, an iconic dish

Any room left for dessert?

Cheese platter and dessert trolley

There is no way that you can skip the cheese! It is the pride of the department, thanks to the 5 PDOs established in the area: Cantal, Salers, Saint-Nectaire, Fourme d’Ambert and Bleu D’Auvergne battle for the title of most popular cheese. 

Blueberry tart is another traditional dessert that will delight young and old alike. To be savoured at the height of the blueberry picking season, in other words, in summer! It goes well with a little whipped cream.   

The Cornet de Murat:  a traditional pastry made with eggs, sugar and flour. It comes in the form of a cake rolled into the shape of a horn. Its shape reflects the pastoral history of the Cantal region:  farmers used this horn to store salt and feed it to their cows. The cornet can be enjoyed all year round, plain or with fillings, at our bakers and restaurants. The Murat Cornet Festival is held every year on the third Sunday in September. 

Cornet de Murat

Cornet de Murat

A Macaron de Massiac to serve with your coffee? 

This delicious little pastry melts in your mouth, yet is crunchy at the same time, making it the perfect end to your meal. This biscuit is a sweet mixture of hazelnuts, egg whites and sugar. It is made all year round in the bakeries and pastry shops of Massiac. An excellent accompaniment to your coffee, but equally good as a snack! 

Macaron de Massiac