The GTMC route stretches for 1,380 km of mountain biking from Le Morvan in Burgundy to the Mediterranean. The route passes through three regions, ten departments, four regional nature parks and a national park. The Auvergne region, situated in the middle of the route, is an essential stage on this itinerary, with a multitude of trails that are suitable for a variety of cycling activities, particularly mountain biking.

The GTMC route in Cantal

The main route, from Pradiers to Ruynes-en-Margeride    

The main route crosses the Cantal department from north to south. The route begins at the village of Pradiers in Le Cézallier, then continues through La Pinatelle forest and the Saint-Flour Planèze to finally reach the Margeride massif.

A route that is firmly established in the heart of nature: you’ll travel along 100 km of winding trails across plateaux, pastures, forests, summer pastures and planèze.

Itinéraire principal GTMC

Main Grande Traversée du Massif Central (GTMC) mountain bike route - La Pinatelle Massif

Monts du Cantal variant

A variant of approximately 60 km will take you to the heart of the Cantal Volcano, from the village of Chalinargues.

On this sporting escapade, you will discover an unspoilt natural environment: foreststhe Monts du Cantal and Saint-Flour planèze. The route includes a stage at Le Lioran resort, before reaching the Plomb du Cantal, the highest point not only on the GTMC route, but also in the department!

A unique opportunity to ride along the ridges of the Cantalien volcano. 

In conjunction with the Pays de Saint-Flour Tourist Office, we are offering an all-inclusive package on the GTMC route in the Monts du Cantal.  3-day/2-night Mountain bike touring package.

GTMC-VTT Variante des Monts du Cantal

GTMC-Mountain biking Monts du Cantal variant

The GTMC itinerary in Cantal

Main route

km: 110 km

Duration: 8 days

Departure / Arrival: Jassy - Ruynes en Margeride

All year round

Pets accepted

Schematic map and recommended places to stay

GTMC-Mountain biking on Le Cézallier plateau

GTMC-VTT Cantal Auvergne

Typical/indicative stages for
the grand tour (1 to 2 days):

  1. Saint-Alyre les montagnes / Chalinargues : 40.11 km - 04 hours 15 minutes
  2. Chalinargues / Ruynes en Margeride : 50.71 km - 05 hours 15 minutes

GTMC-Mountain biking

Proposed variant: Monts du Cantal

Additional information

To help you prepare your route and give you peace of mind once you’re there, take the GTMC Topoguide with you.

  • Topoguide Grande Traversée du Massif Central - Tome 2 Des volcans à la méditerranée (Volume 2 From the volcanoes to the Mediterranean - in French). Edition VTOPO


Luggage / equipment transport

Voyager léger [Cantal Taxis] in Murat - Fabrice Charbonnel - 07 48 86 38 65