Tourism & desability
What commitment ?

Our tourist office is committed to tourism for all and wishes to make its premises accessible to as many people as possible. The idea? Be exemplary and make all our partners want to follow us in this approach.

What is tourism and disability?

This is a State mark which aims to identify tourist structures meeting the specific needs of people with disabilities (motor, hearing, visual or mental). This brand offers three guarantees to people with disabilities:

  • Rapid identification of suitable sites;
  • The presence of aware and trained staff;
  • Services that meet accessibility standards.


The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region has numerous labeled sites. If you wish to organize a stay in Cantal, you can find all the labeled sites in the Department via the following search engine.

Tourism and Disability labeled sites in Cantal 

Our actions


The development of our new premises in Massiac and Allanche has allowed us to consider new prospects for improving our services.
Thanks to its functional premises, we can now embark on new projects for caring tourism adapted to all.
Our teams are therefore working on the “tourism and disability” label as well as bringing our websites into compliance with RGAA regulations for better digital accessibility.


And we don't intend to stop there. The idea is to raise awareness among our partners and also suggest that they take the path to certification.
Subsequently, the tourist office will develop a range of adapted services: guided tours, adapted documents (FALC, braille, etc.).