Randonnée au puy de Mathonière

The Tour des Vaches Rouges,
a delightful discovery trail set in the heart of a vast summer pasture plateau

The Tour des Vaches Rouges is a hiking trail situated on the unspoilt high plateaux of Le Cézallier, in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans D’Auvergne, where summer meadows, lakes and peat bogs form a wild and authentic landscape. Straddling the departments of Puy de Dôme and Cantal, the 135 km route will give you the illusion of travelling through Mongolia! Off we go on an itinerary with a Wow factor!

The Tour des Vaches Rouges, for nature lovers and architecture enthusiasts

Nature at your fingertips

The Tour des Vaches Rouges is an invitation to travel, a witness to time and the life of people in these mountains of the Massif Central. Also known as the “Tour du Cézallier”, this trail is both a paradise for cows grazing in summer pastures and for hikers who love nature and, it has to be said, who love solitude too!

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Old buildings and local traditions

Along the way, explore villages, churches, abbeys, fountains, washhouses, bread ovens and a vast local heritage. You’ll be enchanted by the traditional “burons”, small squat huts built of volcanic stone with traditional “lauzes” stone roofs. 


Buron hut in the Cézallier summer pastures

The main route and its variants

The entire circuit

km : 135 à 181 km

Duration: 8 to 11 days

Departure / Arrival: Egliseneuve d'Entraigues

June to October

No pets allowed (crossing mountain pastures)

Typical/indicative stages for
the grand tour (8 to 11 days):

  1. Eglise neuve d'Entraigues - Brion : 16 km - 05 hours 15 minutes
  2. Brion - Anzat le Luguet : 17 km - 05 hours 15 minutes
  3. Anzat le Luguet - Laurie : 21 km - 06 hours
  4. Laurie - Peyrusse : 20.5 km - 06 hours
  5. Peyrusse - Allanche : 12.4 km - 03 hours 30 minutes
  6. Allanche - Marcenat : 21.5 km - 06 hours 15 minutes
  7. Marcenat - Montgreleix : 14.8 km - 04 hours 15 minutes
  8. Montgreleix - Egliseneuve 12.4 km - 03 hours 30 minutes
Tour des Vaches Rouges

Tour des Vaches Rouges

Possible variants

Cantal Variant
Laurie - Vèze - Peyrusse
2 days - 09 hours 35 minutes - 33.5 km:

Go to Vèze then back to Peyrusse in two stages.

  • Distance: 33.5 km
  • Duration: 9 hours 35 minutes
  • Total ascent: 420 m
  • Stage 1: 18.3 km - 05 hours 15 minutes
  • Stage 2: 15 km - 04 hours 20 minutes

Ardes-sur-Couze variants
1 day - 07 hours 30 minutes - 24 km:

Go to Ardes-sur-Couze in one stage, from Brion or Anzat le Luguet.

  • 24 km
  • 07 hours 30 minutes
  • Total ascent: 420 m

GPX - Puy de Dôme VARIANT

Luggage / passenger transport

Voyager léger [Cantal Taxis] in Murat - Fabrice Charbonnel
voyagerleger@tva63.fr - +33 (0)7 48 86 38 65

Respect for the environment

This trail deserves all your attention, so please adopt a respectful approach to the environment around you when walking: do not pick any flowers, do not throw your rubbish in the countryside and do not walk off the trail! Pets are forbidden, even if kept on a lead, as you cross private property and pastures where herds are grazing. Do not hesitate to go around the herds if they are on the path.