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Micro-adventure: Porte du Cézallier
2 days to unwind and recharge your batteries

Chalinargues - Allanche - Lac du Pêcher

Fancy setting off on an adventure on a short hiking tour?
2 days to explore the Cézallier plateaux! A fantastic getaway for a rejuvenating break surrounded by typical Cantal villages. The perfect way to unwind for a weekend

A micro-adventure in the heart of Cantal

Between summer pastures and traditional buildings

This hiking trail reveals many different facets of the Cézallier region, offering a chance to discover both exceptional landscapes and a remarkable architectural heritage.
The churches of Chalinargues and Allanche, the ramparts of Allanche, the treasures of La Pinatelle forest, the Lac du Pêcher fishing lake, and the view of the Monts du Cantal and Cézallier from the summit of Roche Grande are just some of the highlights along the route
Tours can depart from Allanche, Chalinargues or Lac du Pêcher.

Le lac du Pêcher

Lac du Pêcher, sensitive natural area in Cantal


The entire circuit

km: 30 km

Duration: 2 days

Departure / Arrival: Allanche, Lac du Pêcher or Chalinargues

April to October

Pets not recommended, owing to crossing mountain pastures

La Pinatelle forest

Massif forestier de la Pinatelle

Typical/indicative stages
(2 days):

  1. Chalinargues / Allanche : 14 km - 04 hours
  2. Allanche / Chalinargues : 16 km - 04 hours 35 minutes

A bird’s eye view of the village of Allanche

Additional information

What materials can help me prepare my route?

To help you prepare your route and give you peace of mind once you’re there, take the IGN maps for this route with you.

  • IGN map Saint-Flour Murat 2535SB
  • IGN map Monts du Cézallier 2534OT
  • Consult the detailed route sheet "Porte du Cézallier"

Luggage / passenger transport

Voyager léger [Cantal Taxis] in Murat - Fabrice Charbonnel
voyagerleger@tva63.fr - 07 48 86 38 65

Cartes IGN

Bivouac shelter and best practices

Authorised under the regulations of the Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d’Auvergne (with the owner’s prior consent):

  • I set up at sunset
  • I put away at dawn
  • I do not start any campfires
  • Please note that unauthorised camping is prohibited.

Respect for the environment

This trail is on a sensitive volcanic area, so it deserves all your care and attention. Please adopt a respectful approach to the environment around you when walking: do not pick up any volcanic rocks, flowers, do not throw your litter in the countryside and do not walk off the trail to avoid damaging this geological heritage!

Faucon crecerelle

Eurasian kestrel

Lys martagon

Martagon lily flora in the Auvergne volcanoes