GR® 465, des Monts du Cantal à la vallée du Lot - De Murat à Conques

GR® 465,
From the Monts du Cantal to the Lot Valley

From Murat to Conques

As an historic route, the GR®465 is captivating for the diversity and beauty of the landscapes through which it passes. The Monts du Cantal, plateaux and mountain pastures, followed by steep-sided valleys, punctuate the 132-km route between Murat, a town in the Cantal region, and Conques, the jewel of Romanesque art in Aveyron. Two departments, Cantal and Aveyron, are united by two Jacobean routes, the Via Arverna and the Via Podiensis.

History and nature, all rolled into one

A Cluniac and Jacobean route

A Cluniac trail between Aveyron and Cantal. This route links the abbey of Bredons, near Murat, and the priory of Manhaval, further south on the route, to the abbey of Conques, a UNESCO World Heritage site. A journey back in time as you explore our religious heritage. Oratory crosses, churches, Romanesque art, ancient priories and abbeys are scattered along this historic route.

Chapelle de Bredons

Chapel of Bredons

High mountains and steep valleys to the south

The route starts in the foothills of the Monts du Cantal, and within the first few kilometres, you’ll be climbing the highest point in the department, the Plomb du Cantal, offering a 360° panoramic view of the volcano that was forged millions of years ago. The journey continues along the ancient Roman road over ridgelines before descending to summer pastureland with flowering meadows. Near the destination, the route winds its way through steep-sided valleys and wild, narrow gorges, offering superb views over the Lot.

Plomb du Cantal

Plomb du Cantal

Murat, the starting point of the GR® 465 route.

  • The town can be reached by train (Clermont-Fd / Aurillac SNCF train line).
  • With your own car? a large car park near the station is available free of charge.
  • Murat also has all the shops and services you need to prepare for your ascent to the GR® 465 route.
Murat Cantal Auvergne

The main route and its variants

The entire circuit

km : 132 km

Duration: 7 days

Departure / Arrival: Murat - Conques

May to October

Pets not recommended (crossing mountain pastures)

Typical/indicative stages:

  1. Murat / Plomb du Cantal : 15 km - 04 hours 40 minutes
  2. Plomb du Cantal / Pailherols : 15 km - 03 hours 45 minutes
  3. Pailherols / Mur de Barrez : 14 km - 03 hours 40 minutes
  4. Mur de Barrez / Murols : 18 km - 04 hours 55 minutes
  5. Murols / Grand Vabre *Branche Sud : 60 km - 22 hours 50 minutes
    Murols / Grand Vabre *Branche Nord : 44 km - 16 hours 55 minutes
  6. Grand Vabre / Conques : 10 km - 03 hours
Buron de la Souleyre, Col de Prat de Bouc

Buron de la Souleyre, Col de Prat de Bouc mountain pass

2 possible variants:

North branch (Cantal) via Montsalvy (44 km - 16 hours 55 minutes):

  1. Murols / Montsalvy : 18 km - 04 hours 30 minutes
  2. Montsalvy / Cassaniouze : 15 km - 04 hours
  3. Cassaniouze / Gd Vabre : 12.3 km - 03 hours 25 minutes
  4. Grand Vabre / Conques : 10 km - 03 hours

South branch (Aveyron) via Entraygues (60 km - 22 hours 50 minutes):

  1. Murols / Pons : 8 km - 01 hour 40 minutes
  2. Pons / Entraygues : 17 km - 06 hours 05 minutes
  3. Entraygues / Vieillevie : 23 km - 06 hours 40 minutes
  4. Vieillevie / Conques : 20 km - 06 hours 30 minutes

Additional information

What materials can help me prepare my route on the GR® 465?

To help you prepare your route and give you peace of mind once you’re there, take IGN maps and/or a climbing guidebook (topoguide) with you.

  • IGN map Monts du Cantal - 2435OT
  • IGN map Vic-sur-Cère/Pierrefort - 2436SB 
  • IGN map Laguiole/Entraygues-sur-Truyère - 2437SB
  • IGN map Decazeville/Marcillac-Vallon/Conques - 2338SB 
  • IGN map Maurs/Montsalvy - 2337SB
  • Topoguide Des monts du Cantal à la vallée du Lot - GR® 465 

Luggage transport

Voyager léger [Cantal Taxis] in Murat - Fabrice Charbonnel - 07 48 86 38 65

La Malle Postale

Conques - Murat return journey: what are the options?

  • From Conques to Aurillac:

    Lample taxi - 06 07 75 93 32 - Site web
  • From Aurillac to Murat:
    SNCF - Site web

Bivouac shelter and best practices

What are the regulations for the Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d’Auvergne?

With the owner’s prior consent:

  • I settle in at sunset;
  • I tidy up at dawn;
  • I refuse to start campfires on the ground;
  • Please note that unauthorised camping is prohibited.
Randonnée sur les Monts du Cantal

Sunrise over the Monts du Cantal