La Croix du Gendarme à Dienne

The GR® 4 route,
an itinerary from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean

GR® 4 route: stages in Cantal, between the Planèze, the volcanic massif and the Cézallier summer pastures

The GR® 4 is a major route linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean via the Massif Central.
The entire route takes two months to complete. The Cantalien section, from Saint-Flour to Egliseneuve d'Entraigues (Puy de Dôme) covers 108 km, half of which is in the Hautes Terres du Cantal area!

The GR® 4 route in the Massif Central

Plateaux and mountain landscapes

Planèze de Saint-Flour, Plomb du Cantal, Puy Mary, Le Limon plateau, Massif du Sancy and Mont Dore are some of the highlights along the GR 4 route in the Massif Central. A spectacular array of volcanic landscapes, giving hikers the chance to discover the Auvergne’s volcanoes from every angle.

Randonnée sur le GR4

Hiking along the GR4 route

Cantal section: Saint-Flour to Égliseneuve d’Entraigues

A 108-kilometre stretch, over 8 days, offering a unique experience of the Cantal volcano and a variety of different settings:

  • From Margeride to Planèze de Saint-Flour
    Vast flower-filled meadows gradually give way to a plateau landscape as you leave the town of Saint-Flour, listed as a Town of Art and History. The Planèze is the gateway to the Monts du Cantal, as soon as you leave the village of Valuéjols.
  • From the Monts du Cantal to Le Limon plateau
    From the Col de Prat de Bouc mountain pass, climb to the highest point in the department: the Plomb du Cantal at an altitude of 1855 m. A festival of mountain scenery unfolds as far as Le Limon plateau: puy, mountain passes, ridges... Be prepared for some challenging sections!
  • From Le Cézallier to North Cantal
    From the village of Saint-Saturnin, the Cézallier summer pastures wind their way through flower-filled meadows towards the north of the department and the village of Condat. Then it’s the final kilometres along the Cantalien section, finishing in Égliseneuve d’Entraigues, in the Puy de Dôme.

The GR® 4 route in Cantal

The Cantal circuit

km: 108 km

Duration: 8 days

Departure / Arrival: Saint-Flour - Égliseneuve d'Entraigues

May to October

Please note that pets are not allowed when crossing the mountain pastures

Le Limon plateau in Dienne

Plateau du Limon à Dienne

Typical/indicative stages for
the grand tour (8 days):

  1. Saint-Flour / Valuéjols : 20.5 km - 05 hours 20 minutes
  2. Valuéjols / Col de Prat de Bouc : 13 km - 03 hours 45 minutes
  3. Col de Prat de Bouc / Le Lioran : 9 km - 03 hours
  4. Le Lioran / Dienne : 25 km - 07 hours 20 minutes
  5. Dienne / Lugarde : 21.5 km - 06 hours
  6. Lugarde / Condat : 10 km - 02 hours 30 minutes
  7. Condat / Egliseneuve : 14.5 km - 04 hours 30 minutes
Plomb du Cantal

Plomb du Cantal

Additional information

What materials can help me prepare my route on the GR® 4?

To help you prepare your route and give you peace of mind once you’re there, take IGN maps and/or a climbing guidebook (Topoguide) with you.

  • IGN map Monts du Cantal - 2435OT
  • IGN map Riom-ès-Montagnes / Bort-les-Orgues - 2434OT 
  • Topoguide Volcan du Cantal and Pays de Saint-Flour - GR® 400, GR® 4, GRP® - FF de randonnée (French hiking federation).


And luggage transport?

Voyager léger [Cantal Taxis] in Murat - Fabrice Charbonnel - 07 48 86 38 65

With la Malle Postale

Or, directly with the accommodation providers depending on your stages on the route.

Bivouac shelter and best practices

Authorised under the regulations of the Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d’Auvergne: set up at sunset and put away at sunrise (with the owner’s prior consent). Campfires on the ground are prohibited. Please note that unauthorised camping is prohibited.

Respect for the environment

This trail is in a sensitive volcanic area, so it deserves all your attention. Please adopt a respectful approach to the environment around you when walking: do not pick up any volcanic rocks, do not throw your litter in the countryside and do not walk off the trail to avoid damaging this geological heritage!

Lys martagon

Martagon lily flora in the Auvergne volcanoes