Via Arverna, un chemin vers Compostelle

Via Arverna
A trail to Compostelle

From Clermont-Ferrand to Cahors, stages on the Cantal Volcano

The Via Arverna route, a variant of the main Saint-Jacques de Compostelle route, crosses 5 departments, including Cantal. It links Clermont-Ferrand to Cahors. The Cantalien section starts in Massiac and finishes in Laroquebrou, in seven stages. From Massiac, the route continues through the picturesque Alagnon Valley, before reaching the Monts du Cantal.

The resurrection of the Via Arverna

A pilgrimage in Haute-Auvergne

This Jacobean route bears the memory and traces of the many pilgrims who left for distant Galicia. This route, which is often overlooked, is well worth the effort: it criss-crosses the Haute-Auvergne, with a panoramic view of the Monts du Cantal mountains at an altitude of 1800m. The route leads to the town of Rocamadour before joining the “Via Podiensis” at Cahors

Via Arverna, un chemin vers Compostelle

Via Arverna a trail to Compostelle

Massiac, the Cantalien starting point of the Via Arverna

Massiac is the starting point for the Cantal route. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this charming village and its chapel of Sainte-Madeleine, which proudly dominates the valley. The perfect start to a 200 km journey through the Cantal region.

The town can be reached by train. If you come with your own car: a car park near the station is available free of charge. Massiac also has all the shops and services you need to prepare for your ascent to the Via Arverna.

Massiac dominé par la Chapelle Sainte-Madeleine

Massiac dominated by the Sainte-Madeleine Chapel

The itinerary in Cantal

The circuit 

km: 207 km

Duration: 7 days

Departure / Arrival: Massiac - Laroquebrou

May to October

Pets not recommended, owing to crossing mountain pastures

Château d’Aurouze ©Hervé Vidal

Château d'Aurouze ©Hervé Vidal

Typical/indicative stages (7 to 8 days):

  1. Massiac / Ferrières St-Mary : 23.3 km - 06 hours 45 minutes
  2. Ferrières St-Mary / Neussargues en Pinatelle - 22.9 km - 06 hours 35 minutes
  3. Neussargues en Pinatelle / Murat - 24 km - 06 hours 30 minutes
  4. Murat / Saint-Jacques des Blats [en direct] - 27.3 kms - 08 hours 30 minutes
  5. Saint-Jacques des Blats / Vic-sur-Cère - 15.3 km - 04 hours 30 minutes
  6. Vic-sur-Cère / Aurillac - 23.7 km - 06 hours 40 minutes
  7. Aurillac / Laroquebrou [en direct] - 33.1 km - 09 hours 15 minutes
  8. Aurillac / Lacapelle-Viescamp - 24.3 km - 06 hours 50 minutes
  9. Lacapelle-Viescamp / Laroquebrou - 13.4 km - 03 hours 50 minutes
Le Puy Griou

Puy Griou

Additional information

Pets are forbidden, even if kept on a lead, as you cross private property and pastures where herds are grazing. For your own safety, always take a bottle of water, a hat, warm clothing and clothing to protect you from the rain, and wear suitable footwear for walking. Depending on weather conditions, some routes are not recommended in bad weather (fog, thunderstorms, snow, etc.).

Luggage / passenger transport 

Voyager léger [Cantal Taxis] in Murat - Fabrice Charbonnel - 07 48 86 38 65