Lac de Vèze

On the banks of the river Sianne

The commune of Vèze is situated in the heart of Le Cézallier and the Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d’Auvergne. The river Sianne is the main watercourse that flows through Vèze, a summer pasture area at an altitude of 1100 to 1300 m.

In the heart of Le Cézallier ...

...  where water springs up everywhere!

Le Cézallier, sometimes referred to as Auvergne’s water tower, is surrounded by the Alagnon, Santoire and Rhue rivers and enjoys generous flows of water from the ocean. Here, water exists in a variety of forms: waterfalls, lakes, fountains, drinking troughs, mills, etc. This vital resource is abundant in the region.

Waterfall on the Sianne river

Set in the heart of the great outdoors

Walks and activities centred around water

The charming Terrisse waterfall and its magnificent basalt columns are well worth the effort. Easy to reach on foot and situated on a shady footpath, we recommend that you bring walking shoes and set off straight away along the “Au fil de la Sianne” trail. The Lac de Vèze on the plateau is ideal for anglers, who will enjoy spending a pleasant moment by the water’s edge, or even having a picnic?

Cascade de la Terrisse à Veze

Terrisse waterfall at Veze

Rural and religious traditions

Vèze also boasts breathtaking panoramic views and a 360° panorama of the mountain ranges, the Monts du Cézallier and the Monts du Cantal. A number of remarkable heritage treasures add to the enjoyment of exploring the commune, including the Roman bridges along the Sianne river and the listed 13th-century church dedicated to Saint-Caprais. Its stone fountains, drinking troughs and washhouses bear witness to the abundance and widespread availability of water.

Lac de Vèze

Lac de Vèze