On the road to the summer pastures

In the heart of Le Cézallier, at an altitude of 1,170 m, the village of Pradiers, which is famous for its summer pastures, offers magnificent views of both the Monts du Cézallier and the Monts du Cantal.

A picturesque village in bloom ...

... with a remarkable rural heritage

In the middle of this traditional village stands the church of Saint-Jean Baptiste. It dates from the 19th century and has been completely restored. It is a modern building at odds with its surroundings. It is located next to the bar-restaurant, which welcomes visitors in a typically Auvergne setting.  Hikers on the famous Tour des Vaches Rouges will notice the cattle crush, flower-filled drinking troughs and solitary buron huts.

Prairies fleuries du Cézallier

Flowery meadows in Le Cézallier

Here, we watch and listen!

Le Cézallier is a whirlwind of sounds and colours, with the tinkling of cowbells, waterfalls and the mooing of cows. The yellow flowers carpeting the Summer pasturelands, the mahogany-coloured Salers cows and the soft green of the meadows are a sight to behold.

Cascade de Courbières

Courbières Waterfall

An amazing observatory

A botanist’s paradise

The spectacular daffodils or the queen of our meadows, and the gentian, paint the summer pastures a brilliant bright yellow. In June, the fragrant white narcissi take over, followed by the proud meadowsweet, tall fireweed and the bitter and aromatic gentian. Sometimes more discreet but just as present are the pasque-flower, martagon lily, sundew, arnica, and so many other famous or more secretive beauties. A delight for botany enthusiasts.

Flowery meadows, countryside break

The summer pastures, a mountain full of life

The summer pastures are home to our famous herds of Salers cows, the emblematic queen of our meadows with her beautiful lyre-shaped horns and silky mahogany coat in summer and curly hair in winter. The more patient among you may spot a few marmots or a fox lying in wait near a chicken coop. Sometimes a herd of deer can also be seen grazing peacefully. So, if you want to enjoy the show, don’t forget your binoculars and stay quiet….


Faune sauvage, renard dans les prairies