Au fil de la Sianne





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Au fil de la SianneAu fil de la SianneAu fil de la Sianne

L’effort en vaut la peine, la mystérieuse cascade de la Terrisse vous attend, une balade rafraichissante et ombragée.


-For your safety, please check the weather forecast before setting off on your hike. -To preserve the environment in which you are located, please avoid leaving garbage in nature. -Remember to take the appropriate equipment for the weather conditions and the hiking itinerary (hiking boots, water bottle, cap, sunglasses, jacket…).

Guidebook with maps/step-by-step

Start- Place de la fontaine, Vèze. Go down into the village to reach the D9 road below by a track on the left.

1- Cross the D9 and take the gravelled track to the right. 600m further on, it veers to the left, crosses a plot of land, then becomes a footpath to reach the Meule stream.

2- Cross the stream and follow it downstream. Leave the tracks on your right to climb back up to the road.

3- At the D9, turn right.

4- After 250m, take a left-hand track.

5- Go down the trail.

6- At Latour, cross the bridge and go right.

7- At Aubeviou, oven and beautiful fountain. Follow the road to the right.

8- Take the track on the left after Moudet. Before La Terrisse, remains of an old mill on the left in the pasture.

9- At La Terrisse, take the road back down below the cliffs.

10- Take a path that descends to the left into the woods.

11- At the crossroads, turn left for a round trip to the beautiful Terrisse waterfall. On the way back, take the left-hand path.

12- Leave the track on your right and head up towards the road.

13- At the road, turn left, then right at the crossroads, to go up to Vèze. 100m after the crossroads, cross the Roman bridge over the stream and go left for a few metres.

Possible shortcuts:

In 5- Turn left onto the path leading up to Vèze.

In 6- At Latour, turn left to join the D209, then left again to return to the start.


All year round.

Subject to favorable weather.

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Free access.

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