An unusual and authentic village

Nature and heritage lovers will appreciate the charm of this traditional village, which despite its harsh climate, offers great fishing or autumn excursions to hear the bellowing of the stag.

An exceptional setting

For nature and heritage lovers

Peyrusse is located close to the Bru plateau. Grasslands, wide-open spaces and herds are all part of the picture. Peyrusse has everything to appeal to nature lovers: open spaces, a fishing lake and woods. What do we like most? The month of June with meadows in bloom before farmers get to work in the fields!

Peyrusse Lake

A heritage that’s still with us

The Church of Saint-Roch

Peyrusse is proud to show you the church of Saint-Roch in the middle of the village. The original Romanesque building was extended in the 15th century. Due to a lack of maintenance, the property deteriorated and became unusable. Under the 3rd Republic, despite strong opposition, the population decided to build a new place of worship. The first stone of the building was laid on Thursday the 3rd of July 1884.

Eglise Saint-Roch, Peyrusse

Church of Saint-Roch, Peyrusse

The Château de Peyrusse

Last remnants of a forgotten noble lineage

This fort was built on a steep rock face, the sheer sides of which served as moats, and it had a high tower made of carved stone. The Wars of Religion left the château in shambles. It was restored in 1620, with the façade and main house being refurbished. The last remains can still be seen today.

Lauze roofs, Peyrusse

The Bellowing of the stag

A chance to experience nature

As summer draws to a close, many deer grace the forests of Peyrusse with their most enticing calls. The bellowing of the stag is a highly anticipated period for stag and nature enthusiasts. The deer rut begins in mid-September, and they are not afraid to step out of their legendary secrecy to expose themselves in open areas of the forest.

They are easy to spot as soon as the sun goes down. Around this time every year, Hautes Terres Tourisme organises guided walks to listen to and observe the deer. 


Cerf et biches

Stags and does