Le Puech





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Une belle randonnée pour sillonner les plateaux du Cézallier tout en profitant d’une jolie vue sur les Monts du Cantal et la Margeride.


-For your safety, please check the weather forecast before setting off on your hike. -To preserve the environment in which you are located, please avoid leaving garbage in nature. -Remember to take the appropriate equipment for the weather conditions and the hiking itinerary (hiking boots, water bottle, cap, sunglasses, jacket…).

Guidebook with maps/step-by-step

Start – Car park, route de Ferrières. Go up towards the village and take the first street on the right. At the cemetery, take the left-hand path.

1- Take the track on the left which rises in the forest. Follow the road to the right towards Valence. At the crow’s-foot, take the left-hand road.

2- Cross the hamlet of Valence, leaving a street on your right, then turn right.

3- After 100 m, turn right. View of the Margeride and Monts du Cantal.

4- Turn left on the track, then continue on the road opposite.

5- At the D21, turn left onto a track.

6- At Chabassaire, cross the road and take a track going downhill opposite.

7- At Plavarenne, turn left at the crossroads. After 100 m, follow the river on your right. Cross it a little further down and go up into the pine undergrowth.

8- Go back down to the meadow and cross it to join the road above.

9- Take the road to the left. At the crossroads, turn left.

10- Take the first track on the left.

11- At Puech, turn right onto a track. Before a pine wood, take the track on the left. It then descends the hillside towards a hamlet.

12- Turn right after the modern barn, then descend to the bottom of the hamlet. Go under the rock, then down a track to the right.

13- Cross the road, pass the chicane and descend. Cross the Peyrusse stream and go up opposite the church.


All year round.

Subject to favorable weather.

Prices & payment

Free access.

Comfort, equipment and Services

  • Car park
  • Free car park



In the country, Riverside, Mountain view, Village 2 km away, Waterside