The smallest commune in Cantal

Cantal is a rural department, and the commune of Valjouze is the smallest commune in the department in terms of population, and the second smallest in terms of surface area. 23 inhabitants (2019 census) for 3.05 km2! The lucky ones enjoy an unrivalled view of the surrounding mountains.

People and stones

A small commune with a strong sense of citizenship

Not many inhabitants? No need to worry! For more than 10 years, the villagers have been organising Citizens’ Days! It’s a day of fun and joy, with volunteers cleaning, maintaining and restoring our heritage, and enjoying some festive moments together.  Take a look at the fountain or the cemetery wall: you’re looking at the fruits of a collective effort. Or how to turn a “weakness” into a great opportunity!


The happy valley

Filled with contours

With its main town at an altitude of 800 m, a preserved hamlet below (le Moulin du Clas) and a hamlet on the plateau (les Plaines), the commune alone illustrates the contours of the Hautes Terres. The panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and mountains are sublime... it’s as if time has stood still...


Crosses, witnesses to the passing centuries

Crosses could have several functions or meanings. The village of Valjouze boasts a 17th-century prismatic stone cross that can be seen in the cemetery Another iron cross, which is more recent since it is attributed to a craftsman from the middle of the 19th century, shows instruments of the Passion.