On the edge of the river Margeride

Rageade is close to the Haute-Loire department and borders the Margeride massif and its forests. Between the tranquillity of its bucolic landscapes and the history of its ancient stones, you can explore the commune, and why not sample some of its specialities!

From stone to stone

Off the beaten track

Why not look up from your hiking trail and admire the village’s distinctive houses full of character? You could take a break and enter the church of Saint Pierre-ès-Liens. The church has a fine collection of stained-glass windows and an open bell tower that is typical of Cantalien buildings. If you’re wondering about the material used to construct the building, it’s volcanic tuff!

Eglise de Rageade

Church of Rageade

Stone cross

And iron cross

In front of the church, a badly damaged iron cross, probably dating from the late 18th century, features a cockerel and beautiful fleurs-de-lis. In the middle of the cemetery, another monolithic stone cross, with a square cross-section, stands on a cube-shaped base. It features two small, roughly carved figures that can be seen on the front and back. Maybe you can decipher them?



We could make a whole cheese out of it

Surrounded by forest and green pastures, you probably won’t be surprised to spot a few cows. One of the commune’s most prestigious farms is the Cèdre Bleu. The Bonnafoux family welcomes you to the farm as if you were at home, for a cheese-making demonstration, along with a few cheese-making secrets... If you’re a cheese lover, you’ve come to the right place!