Massiac (pronounced masha), in Occitan, has evolved over the centuries, but not without embracing its traditions. With an average altitude of 540 metres, it is one of the few villages in the Cantal region to cultivate both fruit and wine. Ideally located on the A75 motorway and the RN 122 main road, Massiac is a strategic town linking Cantal, the Haute-Loire and the Puy-de-Dôme!

Legends and eccentricity

Between myths and reality

There are many local legends, some of them surprising!  The rocky spurs of Sainte Madeleine and Saint Victor, as well as these characters, have spawned a number of stories, as have the local medieval festivals... but the one who continues to remind us of their existence through amusing and sometimes somewhat unsavoury tales is Gaspard d’Espinchal! Lord of the manor, his castle now houses the town hall. Is your curiosity aroused? Join a guided tour!

Façade of Massiac town hall

Massiac, history and heritage 

A diverse heritage to satisfy your curiosity 

From traces of Neolithic times to antimony mines, from traces of Gallo-Roman times to the fabulous railway adventure, there’s something for everyone! The medieval town of Massiac only reveals itself to the most observant... The Church of Saint-André protects a number of treasures, including a rarity: the “Vierge ouvrante” or shrine Madonna, dating from the 14th century. You will also find Chalet’s Virgin in Majesty, formerly housed in the Sainte Madeleine chapel.


Eglise Saint-André, Massiac

Church of Saint-André, Massiac

Musée d'art Elise Rieuf (Elise Rieuf Art Museum)

The boldness of women artists

Elise Rieuf, a native of Massiac, travelled through Auvergne, France and China, where she produced some exceptional works, striking testimonies to day-to-day Chinese life in the first half of the 20th century. She was a disciple of Marguerite Jeanne Carpentier, whose studio she shared with other women artists such as Charlotte Musson, who is also exhibited at the museum, and was one of the women who pioneered equality of artistic training in Paris.


Elise Rieuf Museum

Skilled crafts and leisure

Local produce: originality!

The Macaron de Massiac (registered trademark) is an absolute must: this melt-in-the-mouth hazelnut biscuit, created in 1932, is still a local product. Another iconic product: Vin de Palhàs wine. Made from traditional grapes grown on the hills overlooking Massiac, it is the pride of our winegrowers. It is available in small quantities and can be found at the market on Tuesday mornings, or at the Talents d’ici farm shop. Other top-quality products to discover include snails! La coquille de Massiac, a snail farm, will surprise you with its snail-based cosmetics and food products.

A link formed by the Alagnon: freshness!

This stretch of water is sure to delight anglers. Its pure water is teeming with trout and grayling. Are you wondering why there’s a “salmon river” sign? This protected species is once again spawning in our waters, travelling up through the Loire and then the Allier. Atlantic salmon travel almost 1,000 km to reach their spawning grounds.

Macaron de Massiac

Fishing on the river Alagnon

A vibrant and pleasant town to live in

Shops with a distinctive character!

There are more than 70 shopkeepers and craftspeople in Massiac to welcome you for your day-to-day shopping and for your pleasure! The Acam - Association des Commerçants et Artisans de Massiac (Massiac Shopkeepers and Craftspeople’s Association) organises a number of events to help you meet our shopkeepers and enjoy a friendly get-together. Massiac has been awarded the Village Etape label since 2001! This label, which is endorsed by the town council, closely engages shopkeepers and the Tourist Office. A dynamic local community that makes our village a pleasant place to live.

Balade à Massiac

Sharing with authenticity

The community fabric here is very strong, with a large number of cultural, sporting and community associations. The people of Massiac also get together for special events such as the Fête de la Cerise (Cherry Festival) and the Fête des Palhàs (Palhàs Festival).


Apple fair

Fête de la pomme