On the Saint-Flour Planèze

The village of Laveissenet is perched on the edge of an ancient lava flow overlooking the town of Saint-Flour. For a long time, these lava flows, known as "Planèzes", were considered to be ideal for growing crops. Today, they are used more for livestock farming, but they offer uninterrupted views that are a delight for cycling enthusiasts!

A rural commune

Charm and authenticity

Laveissenet is a small mountain village that reminds visitors that it has seen many generations of farmers pass through its streets. Just look at the stone farmhouses, the cattle crush, the washhouse and the traditional oven on display for all to see! All around the village, pastures stretch out and are transformed with the seasons. Cows graze peacefully in spring, and in summer, the fields are filled with bales of hay.

The buron huts of Laveissenet

Tranquillity & the great outdoors

Close to all amenities

To get to Laveissenet, you have to climb, but once there, the view is simply stunning! And a feeling of contentment. Nothing stands in the way of that view of the Monts du Cantal in the distance. From the hamlet of Cheylanes and its ancient tower, the view is breathtaking and it is easy to feel so small compared to the immensity of the planèze landscapes.

Tour de Cheylanes

Want to get away from it all? 

But without being too far from the town!

The village of Laveissenet is close to a number of towns and leisure activities. It is in fact close to Murat and its shops, as well as being an easy link to the main road to Saint-Flour, and is a gateway to the Col de Prat-de-Bouc mountain pass via Le Ché. This mountain pass is a must for Nordic enthusiasts and hikers alike. Wildlife enthusiasts also know this place, which is well-known for its migratory corridors.

The village of Le Ché

An attractive quality of life!

The quality of life in the area and its short distance to shops and services are invaluable assets for the commune, which has witnessed an increase in its population since 2010. Between 2010 and 2021, 30 new residents have chosen to live in the village. Laveissenet is therefore something of an exception in the Cantal department, where the demographic curve, although slowing down, is still descending.  If this article sounds appealing, take the plunge and move to Cantal.