Chazelles is a charming little village in the Margeride massif, ideal for walks and surrounded by nature. It covers an area of 3,200 km², spread over the three departments of Cantal, Haute Loire and Lozère.

La Margeride

The Beast of Gévaudan and the exploits of the Resistance

In the 18th century, an as yet unidentified beast unleashed its terror on a small region of France not far from Chazelles: The Beast of Gévaudan. Doubts still linger in the forests of Margeride, which were also home to Resistance fighters during the Second World War. Mont Mouchet mobilised France’s Resistance fighters in June 1944 to confront the occupying armies. This fighting had a terrible impact on civilians in the area and even in other towns in the department, such as Murat.


Chazelles, a picturesque village

A special feature? 

The iron cross in the church has two such features! The association between the crucifix and the pair of pincers and hammer is surprising, as the law banning religious symbols on public monuments seems to have been tolerated here, on this monument which is also... the local war memorial!

A church...

... With a distinctive bell tower

The church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Nativité is rustic and discreet, with a beautiful bell tower featuring a very steep roof. The interior of the church contrasts with its lauze roof, as it is furnished with plaster statues and crucifixes. This is an example of folk art, with a rather naive composition. There is also a marble altar dedicated to Joan of Arc. The lithographs date from the 1850s and are signed “Hollier lithographe et Urruty graveur”.

Church of Chazelles

The Chemin des écoliers

Remember when schoolchildren used to walk miles to school, carrying a log in winter to add to the classroom stove... You didn’t live through those times? A hiking trail will transport you into this post-war atmosphere!

Chemin des écoliers - Chazelles