On Le Cézallier plateau

With its church, elegant stone houses and bread oven, the village exudes an air of authenticity and originality. Welcome to Charmensac, between valleys and high plateaux.

A small mountain village...

... With all the charm of bygone days

A stroll through the streets of Charmensac is a chance to dream of an undisturbed existence. In the village square, overlooked by the church, you can imagine dancing a few bourrées (folklore dance) to the sound of the cabrettes (form of bagpipe from Auvergne) and the smell of bread baking in the village oven.

Grotte de Cuze caves - Charmensac

An authentic and well-preserved heritage

Saint-Jacques chapel

The commune boasts a remarkable architectural heritage. The Saint-Jacques chapel in the hamlet of Le Bru, on the road between Massiac and Allanche, is well worth a visit. Nothing remains of the building erected in 1389, apart from a section of a magnificent polychrome altarpiece featuring Saint-Jacques and Sainte-Anne. The present chapel, which is a vast rectangular hall, replaced the original building in 1831, which was falling into disrepair. The chapel was last restored in 1963.

Chapel of Le Bru

The Grotte du Cuze cave

It gave its name to the hamlet. It was formed by the sudden evacuation of a pocket of gas contained in the lava. This cave is accessible via the “La Chapelle de Vauclair” hiking trail, which guarantees a change of scenery and a breathtaking view of the wilderness. The ideal country break.

Grotte de Cuze cave - Charmensac