A traditional and discreet village

Exposed to the harsh elements at an altitude of 1,200 metres, Vernols is a small Cantalien commune on the Cézallier plateau. This farming community includes the villages of Vernols, Laneyrat and Cézerat and boasts some beautiful block farms, a legacy of the not-too-distant past.  

A vast local heritage

Focus on the countryside

Vernols is sure to surprise visitors who take the time to admire the details hidden in the villages. The commune boasts a vast local heritage.

First of all, the burons, dotted around the summer pastures provide shelter for people and animals. Communal facilities such as the restored bread oven, the mill and the Roman bridge at Cézerat were vital to village life.

Prairies fleuries

Flowery meadows

Romanesque art and a great destiny

The Church of Saint-Jean Baptiste

Vernols, a traditional village with the church of Saint-Jean Baptiste with its open bell tower (listed as a historic monument) and its listed gateway will delight anyone who appreciates the charm of historic buildings.

The building exudes a remarkable air of fortitude, accentuated by a sturdy open bell tower and a magnificent listed 12th-century Romanesque porch decorated with diamond and pearl motifs.

Vernols is the kind of sanctuary suited to the rural populations of the highlands, where authenticity, solidity and simplicity reign supreme.

Eglise de Vernols

Church of Vernols