Water, forests and high altitude

This commune, which is made up of several small hamlets, boasts a number of advantages. Nature lovers will be able to gain altitude quickly and climb some of the peaks, while others will be able to take advantage of the shade of the woods or the path along the banks of the Alagnon gorges to cool off a little!

A boom linked to communication routes

Towns with seats of feudal lordships

The hamlets of Combrelles, La Bastide and Chambeuil were the seat of small feudal lordships, the memory of which lives on to this day. The Vallagnons may be able to tell you the terrible story of the lord of Combrelles, also known as the region’s “Bluebeard”. The village of Laveissière experienced a major boom following the creation of the royal road N°126 in 1789 and the opening of Le Lioran tunnel in 1839.

The Village of Laveissière

Trees and water

A forest as a starting point

The commune of Laveissière is one of the largest forested communes in France, with 4 major forests (2 state-owned forests, 1 communal forest, a departmental forest and private plots).  Le Lioran departmental forest also boasts some remarkable trees, including three firs known as “Les rois du Lioran” (the Kings of Le Lioran), which can be reached from the RN 122 road before entering Le Lioran resort. Lioranus, Gargantua and Abieti now exceed 4 metres in circumference.

Surrounding these trees, which are over 250 years old, is an area of woodland managed by the children of the Marguerite Teillard-Chambon local school. A wonderful educational initiative by the Fédération Nationale des Communes Forestières and the town council.

The Alagnon gorges amidst the forest glades

And in the middle flows the river Alagnon

Waterfalls, mills and hiking trails,...

Many streams flow through Laveissière in the direction of our waterfalls. Among the accessible sites, we recommend the Chambeuil waterfall and its old mill, or the Four à Chaux waterfall! However, of all our rivers, our favourite is the Alagnon. The river rises in the heart of the Monts du Cantal, near Puy Bataillouse, and flows into the Allier before joining the Loire. It is a favourite with fishing enthusiasts and families in search of a cool spot in summer! The gorges can be reached from the Belles-Aigues road!

Watermill of Chambeuil

You’ll love the mountains

The arrival of winter sports and the commune’s economic boom

It’s hard to talk about Laveissière without mentioning Le Lioran resort. The arrival of the railway and the creation of the train station played a major role in the birth of the winter sports resort. It wouldn’t take long for the locals to create their own skis and take on the role of instructor for the first visitors. Alfred Jacomis, who was born in Laveissière, also excelled at the 1936 Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in cross-country skiing. Downhill skiing came later, during the Second World War, and gave Le Lioran the reputation it enjoys today.

Ski au Lioran

Downhill skiing at Le Lioran resort

Making the mountains into a four-season destination

Climate change is a visible reality, especially in mid-range mountain resorts. As a result, they are having to redefine their approach and we are seeing the emergence of new sporting activities in the mountains outside the winter season. This means that Le Lioran has become a prime location for hiking and/or mountain biking, as well as for more leisurely activities such as horse riding, “déval'luge” sledging on rails and treetop adventure courses.

Orientation table at the summit of Le Plomb du Cantal