France’s first station for transhumance traffic

The charming village of Landeyrat, in perfect harmony with the meandering curves of the summer pastures, is a discreet village with a distinctive pointed bell tower and picturesque houses. Visitors will be surprised to find a railway station in this solitary village, and yet.... Just imagine the intense activity when the herds arrive at the station, ready to leave for their summer residence in the middle of the mountain pastures. Today, this station has been converted into a tourist leisure facility: the Vélorail du Cézallier, or rail bike.

All aboard now

With the Vélorail du Cézallier

A fun activity to be enjoyed with family and friends! The Vélorail du Cézallier consists of a series of amusing machines that travel along the railway line for the delight of young and old alike. An invitation to embark on an unforgettable journey through the wide-open spaces of Le Cézallier. Some of the highlights include a break at the Veyrines waterfall or a visit to the magnificent Saint-Saturnin Viaduct!

Le Vélorail du Cézallier

Vélorail with the family

An unspoilt environmental setting

Mountain pastures, peat bogs and the basaltic boulder field of La Roche

Set in the midst of high mountain pastures, the village of Landeyrat boasts a vast volcanic and archaeological past, with a variety of landscapes including peat bogs, immense plateaux and the unmistakeable basaltic boulder field of the Roche de Landeyrat.

The latter is formed by a cliff of basalt columns, characteristic of the end of a lava flow, dominating a vast field of basalt boulders. Although the site looks deserted, it is a haven for a variety of birds and bats.


The boulder field of Landeyrat

Don’t miss out on all that Landeyrat has to offer

The boulder field of Landeyrat is classified as under the Espaces Naturels Sensibles (Sensitive natural areas) in Cantal. There is a discovery trail through this unusual environment where you can learn more about the specific features of this natural environment, with information points along part of the route. We recommend that you bring your binoculars so you don’t miss anything!