La Chapelle d'Alagnon,
a haven of peace by the riverside

This town full of character, built around the river Alagnon, has admirably adapted to the constraints and demands of the river. In return, the commune has benefited in many ways. Today, the Alagnon is a delight for hikers and anglers, but at one time it was a source of wealth with the construction of mills.


An angler’s paradise

The Alagnon is the focal point of this commune. The river runs right through the village and has shaped its urban layout. Bridges were built, houses were built on high ground, etc. The inhabitants had to adapt to cope with the floods caused by this young but capricious river. As for the anglers, they’re not complaining - they’re even lucky enough to have a no-kill course nearby. Grayling and trout in the mix.

Vallée de l'Alagnon

Alagnon Valley

On the banks of the river

Renaissance of the mills

Owing to the presence of the river Alagnon, mills have been built here.  These include the mill at Laborie and the more well-known mill at Gaspard. The latter was particularly well-stocked thanks to its proximity to the Saint-Flour planèze and its farmland. In recent years, the mill has been given a new lease of life as a café and open-air restaurant.

La Chapelle d'Alagnon

Gaspard hamlet and mill


... To defend the valley

The Alagnon valley was home to many fortresses. The aim of this network was to defend the valley by preventing enemies from arriving by surprise. While some fortresses have disappeared, such as the Château de Fourose, others can still be seen today. This is the case for the Château du Jarrousset, a private residence that is a listed building (inventaire supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques) since 1992.

Château of Le Jarousset

The perfect holiday destination

Close to Murat and its shops, La Chapelle-d’Alagnon is a haven of greenery offering all the advantages of the countryside: peace and tranquillity, nature close at hand and the occasional herd of cows passing by. A wide range of accommodation is available in this commune to help you enjoy a truly rejuvenating holiday!

A commune steeped in local heritage, with:

  • The church, with its architecture dating back to the Romanesque period;
  • Its unusual villages;
  • Its fountains, washhouses, cattle crush, bread ovens and crosses (one of which dates back to the 18th century in the hamlet of Meymargues);
  • The Roche du Muratel site with its dramatic views over the Alagnon valley.

A commune with highly desirable qualities

  • From an environmental viewpoint: in the Parc Naturel des Volcans d’Auvergne (Auvergne Volcanoes Natural Park)
  • Luxuriant lime lakes and exceptional biodiversity;
  • These areas offer a variety of landscapes that you will discover as you follow the hiking trails from the valley to the open plateaux of the Planèze, with the Monts du Cantal in the background;
  • Quality of life: pleasant, peaceful, surrounded by nature, so you can enjoy a rejuvenating holiday!