A charming village bursting with character

Joursac is a charming village with a remarkable architectural heritage and outstanding landscapes. The ruins of the Château de Mardogne and the church of Saint Etienne are the pride of the villagers and a popular attraction for lovers of traditional stonework. Pay close attention, they may still not have revealed all their secrets!

A historic site that has endured the test of time

A fortress as a reminder

The Tour de Mardogne fortress, perched on a rock spur, watches over the entrance to the valley.

At the time, it was used as a lookout and was part of the network of citadels in the Alagnon valley.

Although only a few ruins of the castle remain today, following a fire in 1720, the Tour de Mardogne, listed as a Historic Monument, is a real eye-catcher. The really curious can get close to these remains on a beautiful walk starting from the village.

Tour de Mardogne - Joursac

Tour de Mardogne - Joursac

A place that exudes authenticity

A church you won’t want to miss

The narrow streets are lined with charming houses with magnificent doors.

In the middle of the village, the church of Saint Etienne stands out with its open bell tower, typical of Cantalien buildings.

This church also houses the tomb of Louis de Foix, a local lord depicted with a bearded face, clasped hands, dressed in a tunic, wearing the count’s crown and bearing his sword. Look closely - every detail counts....

Church of Joursac

A peaceful place where you can reconnect with life

If you’re looking for authenticity, Joursac is home to some fine stone buildings, old farmhouses that have often been refurbished to welcome visitors, such as the bed and breakfast La Barajade. Cheese lovers will find cattle and goat farms on site to sample the flavours of Cantal, while the more curious will no doubt head off to Elgines to sample some sweet blackberries...

Joursac, between nature and heritage