The village of Allanche retains the spellbinding charm of a small mid-mountain town, at an altitude of 1,100 metres, at the foot of Le Cézallier plateau Allanche is resolutely focused on pastoralism and is often described as being the capital of the Cantalien summer pastures. It particularly owes its fame to the traditional summer pasture festival, which is held every year at the end of May to celebrate the arrival of the herds of Salers cows on their way to their summer residence.

A vast natural and cultural heritage

An outstanding heritage

Allanche, a fortified village built on basalt flows, commands panoramic views of the Monts du Sancy and Monts du Cantal from Le Cézallier plateau. The landscapes are authentic, wild and stretch as far as the eye can see! The best way to make the most of it? Without doubt, the Roche Grande hiking trail!

The fortified Romanesque church of Saint-Jean Baptiste is one of the few fortified churches in Haute-Auvergne. It was built on a basalt flow that forms columns and is surrounded by ramparts. It is home to a vast heritage of furnishings.

Church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Allanche

A distinctive identity 

Vast summer pastures and meadows

The monument de l’Estive, made entirely of volcanic stone, sits enthroned in the Place du Cézallier and pays tribute to the Salers breed, the summer pastures and the farmers who passionately uphold this tradition. Every year, at the end of May, these summer pastures take centre stage with the transhumance, when the herds make their way up to the pastures.

Monument de l'estive

A railway heritage ...

... A key factor driving tourism

Le Cézallier’s railway heritage has been completely revived, giving you the chance to explore these mountain pastures by vélorail (rail bike). Enjoy a refreshing break at the Veyrines waterfall or explore the Saint-Saturnin Viaduct. An original and amusing activity to enjoy with friends or family.


Vélorail with the family

A commune famous for its events

Allanche is famous for its not-to-be-missed events, which set the pace for local life in spring and summer. The traditional  fête de l’Estive (summer pasture festival) in May, the potters’ market in July and the famous antiques and bric-a-brac fair in August are just some of the must-see events in the Cantal.

Fête de l'estive (Summer pasture festival)

Fête de l'estive