Tourbières du Jolan et de la Gazelle

The Hautes Terres du Cantal,
In the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d'Auvergne

If you visit the Hautes Terres du Cantal, you will become fascinated by the volcanoes and the volcanic energy that surges through the earth, takes shape in the stone and can be sensed in the landscapes. Welcome to the captivating Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d’Auvergne

A Regional Nature Park?

The Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d'Auvergne is a truly remarkable place  Its importance as a heritage site is widely recognised, which is why it has adopted a policy of protecting and promoting its natural and cultural heritage. 

It is therefore fundamental for a Regional Nature Park to preserve its natural, cultural and human resources!

Cirque de Chamalières - Albepierre Bredons

Cirque de Chamalières - Albepierre Bredons

The Parc des Volcans d’Auvergne (Auvergne Volcano Park)

The Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d'Auvergne is the most extensive park in mainland France!
It covers the Puy de Dôme and Cantal departments, with 147 communes, 22 of which are in the Hautes Terres du Cantal area.

From deep valleys to high mountain peaks, this vast territory encompasses 5 natural regions:  the Monts Dômes, the Monts DoreCézallier, Artense and the Monts du Cantal.

Randonnée au Plomb du Cantal

Hiking in the Plomb du Cantal

The commitments of the Parc des Volcans d’Auvergne

Protect fragile biodiversity

60% of the Parc des Volcans is renowned for its remarkable biodiversity, with a vast array of plant and animal species.

Otters, red kites, mouflon sheep, marmots, dragonflies, bats, butterflies, sulphur pasque-flowers, martagon lilies, round-leaved sundew, etc. All these species (and so much more besides) deserve special attention and are part of the sustainable protection charter of the Parc des Volcans d’Auvergne. Please treat them with respect and consideration - we’re counting on you!

Classify and enhance the attractiveness of exceptional sites

This is the case for the Le Jolan and La Gazelle peat bogs, located in the commune of Ségur-les-Villas. Classified as a Réserve Naturelle Régionale (Regional Nature Reserve) and managed by the Park, this wetland on the basalt plateaux of Le Cézallier Cantalien deserves special attention because of its fragile ecosystem, which must be preserved.

Consequently, conservation and tourist development go hand in hand to ensure that this exceptional site, at an altitude of 1,130 metres, is explored with respect. A trail not to be missed in the Hautes Terres du Cantal, surrounded by natural, historical and cultural heritage!

Le Cézallier Cantalien

Add value to enhance the attractiveness of the destination

The “Valeur Parc” brand recognises and rewards the efforts of producers, farmers, craftsmen, caterers, accommodation providers and tour guides.

The aim? Promote the importance of local origins, respect for the environment and traditional craft industries.

This recognition will be awarded to cheese and drink produce, to craftsmen working with volcanic stone, etc. 

Hey! The Cornet de Murat has been awarded the Valeur Parc label!  

Cornet de Murat

Cornet de Murat