Vial and the Revel





Blue signposting.
Mountain biking prohibited: sensitive Frau de Vial area.


A hike that takes you on a journey to Scotland thanks to the ambience of the peat bog, a stroll through the forest and a refreshing visit to the listed fountain at Ségur-les-Villas.


-For your safety, please check the weather forecast before setting off on your hike. -To preserve the environment in which you are located, please avoid leaving garbage in nature. -Remember to take the appropriate equipment for the weather conditions and the hiking itinerary (hiking boots, water bottle, cap, sunglasses, jacket…).

Guidebook with maps/step-by-step

Start – Listed fountain at Ségur-les-Villas. Take the road in front of the church, then turn left to join the D3. Cross the road.

1- Turn right…

2- At Vial, take the tarred track.

3- At the sign for the thematic trail, follow the track.

4- Before a wood, enter the pasture on the right. Head for the pines, then continue across the moor.

5- Turn right onto the track.

6- Follow the path through the pasture up to a wood.

7- Turn left, then right on a track, then right again on a path. In the woods, cross a small stream, then continue straight ahead.

8- Leave the track and turn left onto the D3. Follow the track.

Variants :

In 7- Take the track opposite through the conifers.

In 4 and 5- Possibility of not entering the pasture but following the path along the wood.


All year round.

Subject to favorable weather.

Prices & payment

Free access.

Comfort, equipment and Services

  • Car park
  • Free car park
  • Picnic area



In the country, Panoramic view