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Destination Parc des Volcans d'Auvergne

Mountains, plateaus and valleys

Hautes Terres en Auvergne

The Puy Mary

Europe's largest volcano !

Emblematic natural area, the Puy Mary has been, since 2012, accredited as « Grand Site de France ». This is a mark of excellence and recognition of the implementation of sustainable management in terms of preservation plans and economic development. Staff in our visitor centres are on hand to guide you in discovering Europe’s largest volcano (2 700 km²).

In the heart of the Monts du Cantal is the mountain of the Puy Mary, labelled a “Grand site de France” since 2012. From its emblematic peak it offers a panorama of breath-taking scenery.

But what is a “Grand Site”? This label is the recognition of a management that: follows the principle of sustainable development;   preservation of the countryside; understands the essence of the site; warmly welcomes the public; appreciates the participation of the area’s inhabitants and others contributing to local life. 


Le Puy Mary


The Puy Mary visitor centers : guides from the visitor centers and their partners propose a wealth of activities and things to see aimed at families, schools and other groups.
To learn more about the exceptional countryside of Europe’s biggest volcano and  the riches and crafts of the Puy Mary, make your way through the doors of the visitor centre (tourist office; activities centre; exhibitions; museum displays; gift shop…) which offers a totally different type of exhibition experience. 

The visitor centre at the Pas de Peyrol
In the heart of the classied site of the Monts du Cantal, this visitor centre explains how the volcano formed, how it has changed and its current aspect. A fteen minute view and sound show. Admission free of charge.

The visitor centre in Dienne
Set in a renovated traditional old farmhouse. A volcano stone thematic exhibition is on display in the museum. 

The visitor centre in Mandailles
In this former Master’s house, a panoramic exhibition and a twenty minute long audiovisual show and tell about the riches of the landscapes, local fauna and flora.

Visitor centres at Le Claux and Le Falgoux 
-Le Falgoux : located in the village community centre.Throughout the different seasons, this structure welcomes exhibitions from a partnership of local artists : painters, sculptors, photographers etc….
-Le Claux : the most recent creation in the family, the centre will this year host a retrospective about the classi ed site of The Monts du Cantal to celebrate the 30th birthday of its nomination, as well as an entertaining “Grands Sites de France” exhibition, highlighting France’s great diversity of landscapes.


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