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Destination Parc des Volcans d'Auvergne

Mountains, plateaus and valleys

Hautes Terres en Auvergne

The "Pays de Massiac" Alagnon valley and Sianne gorge

The Alagnon valley

Slip into the intimacy of this picturesque valley !

This picturesque valley stretches some 70 km from the Monts du Cantal to the Puy de Dôme.
You will quickly be seduced by the verdant valley from the Monts du Cantal to Saut du Loup (in the Puy-de-Dome). On arrival in Massiac, you will see that the roman chapel Sainte Madeleine and the site of Saint-Victor (on a rocky spur) dominate the town, classed as a “village étape” (a place where short stay accommodation is available) on the A75, a gateway to the Cantal.
At a short distance from Massiac can be found the site of the Palhas of Molompize, ancient terraced fields and well worth a visit. The site is classified an “Espace Naturel Sensible”: a sensitive natural space.
The Alagnon is also prized by its fishermen for its biodiversity as well as its management. 

Places to visit : the XIXth century market halls in Lempdes sur Allagnon, the ruins of the castle of Léotoing, the castle and the chapel of Torsiac, the fortified village of Blesle, the Saint Madeleine’s chapel and the rocky spur of Saint Victor overlooking the town of Massiac.


The Sianne Gorge

A valley rich in heritage !

As you travel this scenic route you will discover Colombine watchtowe (XI century) and the Gallo-Roman bridges over the river Sianne.

The remnants of historic artefacts and rural and religious heritage will keep you fascinated From Auriac l'Eglise to Molèdes: note the Gallic-roman stone bridges throughout the length of the river. Taking short detours through the villages there are fountains; cattle troughs; ancient bread ovens; ancient communal cattle crushes; dovecotes and ancient terraced fields (at Auriac l'Eglise): witnesses of a rural past and a way of life still in place. Religious heritage is visible in the countryside with numerous roadside crosses...


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