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Destination Parc des Volcans d'Auvergne

Mountains, plateaus and valleys

Hautes Terres en Auvergne


The area surrounding Murat, Allanche and Massiac offers more than 600 km of maintained footpaths. To allow you full and secure exploration the team at the tourist office have developed a digital table permitting you to immerse yourself in the terrain, in 3D, at the heart of your planned route, being on foot or on bike. The four tourist points of the Pays du Murat (Murat, Chalinargues, Neussargues et Le Lioran) all have these tables. It is possible to print off or download your intended routes at these sites.



GR400 : with a length of 140 km the emblematic GR400 path around the Cantalien highlands unveils, bit by bit, mountain ridges, mountains peaks and valleys. In the heart of the largest volcano in Europe, The Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d’Auvergne et du Grand Site de France “Puy Mary – Volcan du Cantal”, this itinerary of mid-range mountain levels rises from 750 to 1855 m in height with the inherent diffi culties expected with such an ascent. It is possible to do the whole route over a period of 8 days or in parts: I or 2 days of which are spent in a winding descent. See the topographical guide “Volcan du cantal – GR 400” de la FFRandonée.

GR465: national trail (GR) connecting Murat to Conques, 115 km, a former clunisian pathway. Highest summit on the walk : the Plomb du Cantal. Two feasible variations to reach Conques from Murat : by Montsalvy or by Entraygues.

The Via Arverna path of Saint James'way (Massif Cantalien) : this path of Saint James goes through the Auvergne to the Quercy, from Clermont Ferrand up to Cahors, going through the Massif Cantalien : Massiac, Molompize, Ferrières St Mary, Joursac, Neussargues Moissac, Chalinargues, Chastel sur Murat, Murat, Les Cheyrouses (Laveissière), Col de Rombière, Saint Jacques des Blats, Thiézac, Vic sur Cère, Polminhac. Marked trail: with the shell of Saint Jacques. This walk is taken from the Topo guide book « Chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle, de l’Auvergne.


Summits : must see destinations

The Plomb du Cantal - 1855 m

The Plomb du Cantal is the highest peak in the departement and it offers some of the most beautiful views over the Massif Central. Accessible on foot or by cable car on summer and winter !


The Puy Mary - 1783 m

Take the mountain pass road the Pas de Peyrol (1588 m) to reach the symbolic Puy Mary wich is in the heart of the preserved Monts dy Cantal.


The Mont Chamaroux - 1476 m

The Mont Chamaroux, easily recognizable by its bare summit, is in the Puy de Dôme, on the border with the Cantal départment.



Ideas of hiking in the valley and plateau

The old stones trail (Chalinargues, Neussargues en Pinatelle)
In the heart of the forest of Cheylat, the atmosphere is special on this medieval path lined with mossy stones.
Marked path : logo Tour. 13 km. 4h on foot. Starting from : Chalinargues or Neussargues.
The Old Stones trail.

The Bonnevie of Saint-Antoine
Discover the remarkable landscape (Monts du Cantal, characteristic volcanic peaks, the necks of the wealth of religious heritage such as the romasnesque chapel of Saint Antoine founded in the 12th century and rebuilt in the 15th century.
Marked trail : blue. 5,5 km. 2h on foot. Starting from : Murat.
Bonnevie de Saint-Antoine.

The chapel of Sainte-Madeleine
Historical sites and monuments. The XII century Romanesque chapel was formerly part of a castle which as since disappeared. Panoramic views over the city of Massiac and the Alagnon Valley. Open all year round.
Marked trail : yellow. 12 km. 3h40 on foot. Starting from : Massiac.
Chapel of Sainte-Madeleine.


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