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Destination Parc des Volcans d'Auvergne

Mountains, plateaus and valleys

Hautes Terres en Auvergne

The Fauna and Flora

Flore © Gilles ChabrierExplore an exceptional natural environment, refuge to a generous number of flora and fauna. Even if it is possible to glimpse animals by chance whilst out walking, you will have more of a chance to meet them in their natural element accompanied by experienced guides.
Our territory possesses – rare for a mid-altitude mountain - a flora and fauna similar to those found in higher altitude mountains. The changes that occur in vegetation at different altitudes allow you to experience a very diverse landscape, both flora and fauna-wise, concentrated in a small area.


The forest of the Pinatelle and the Cezallier plateau

  • Animal observation points
  • Discover the bellow of the rutting deer
  • Cross the peat bogs and glimpse the sundews


The foothills of the Cantal Volcano 

  • Surprise the wild sheep
  • Glimpse the chamois antelopes 
  • Watch the marmots 
  • Taste (with moderation) the blueberries


The Valley of the Alagnon

The Alagnon, a trout and salmon river.